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Changes to Junior Rugby under Alert Level 2

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A big thank you to our JAB and its junior club delegates who met with Union staff this week to discuss necessary changes to match day plans to safely play rugby under Alert Level 2.
While we all want rugby to go ahead under Level 2, we need to ensure we can do it safely and are not putting public health at risk. After this past weekend, we couldn’t confidently say that we were complying with our return to playing plans submitted to, and approved by, Council. Simple processes, such as filling out contact tracing forms and limiting spectators to just one per child weren’t being followed. Our field monitors, both club volunteers and staff, were subjected to abuse when asking spectators simple questions and giving instructions. This isn’t good enough.
A decision earlier in the week to cancel junior rugby this weekend as a result of poor behaviour and compliance was subsequently changed to allow it to continue due to the following changes:
– Ngatapa Rugby and Associated Sports Club and Uawa Sports Club would host games and all visitors would come under their match day rules and protocols.
– One parent, per child
– All spectators MUST fill out the contact tracing form provided at the fields
– All equipment MUST be wiped down at the end of the game
– Everyone must exit the field as soon as the game is finished
– Be respectful and kind
If there are reports that any of these protocols have been breached, junior rugby will not be played until Alert Level 1.
We would like to thank everyone that has followed Level 2 rules and protocols over the past few weeks and ask those that have been relaxed or disrespectful to either improve their behaviour or stay away.
A huge thank you to all our volunteers, in particular our coaches and club delegates who continue to give up their time for our game. A big mihi to Ngatapa and Uawa in particular this week for their commitment and coordination of their venues.
We look forward to a great weekend of junior rugby.
Download the draw and maps for this week’s games here. Please note some games playing this Friday.