Hiring – Heartland Co-Manager

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We’re looking for someone special to join our Civil Project Solutions Poverty Bay Heartland Management team.
Miah, Tom, Stu, Grace and Adam are wanting someone to join their team that is detail-oriented, loves filling out paperwork, gets a kick out of organising people and doesn’t ever get close to missing a deadline.
It’s a part-time role with some remuneration but not enough to go and book the limo.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of rugby experience – it’s not a major. Maybe you’ve been involved in other codes or groups – we want to hear from you.
We want to appoint the role as soon as possible so don’t muck around – there isn’t a closing date so we’re going to start talking to people when they register their interest. Plus, we can’t afford to muck around with the club season about to start and planning well underway for this coming season.
Don’t ask questions in the comments. Instead, register your interest by emailing josh@povertybayrugby.co.nz