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PB Turanga Sevens 2023

7s postponement *NEW* date

Due to the cyclone we had to postpone last weeks sevens competitions.

Unfortunately the men’s 7s has now be cancelled fully, with the focus shifting to our 15s competition which is just around the corner.

Men’s 7s will run at the end of the year now.

However our women’s 7s will continue!

Friday 17th March
The oval @ OBM clubrooms
First game 5.30pm

Food and beverages provided after.
Same night as well Wāhine week so plenty of games of Rippa for kids and women looking to have a run around.
Registrations close Monday 13th March. Get your teams in to

The purpose of this tournament is to promote Sevens in our local region for our men’s and women’s teams who want to participate with their Club in an enjoyable day.

Miah Nikora
Game Development Manager – Senior & Performance
PBRFU Ph (027) 595 7056


1. We are promoting a Women’s Grade & a Men’s Grade for the 2023 Turanga 7’s.
2. Clubs must confirm entry to the Turanga 7’s by completing the Entry Form before the cut-off time of Monday 13th February by 4pm.
3. Entry per team is FREE and Clubs/Teams may enter two teams.
4. Teams will be confirmed once entry form is completed and returned to
5. All Entries are FREE so Clubs and Teams will have to cover their own Physio, First Aid, Ice etc.

1. Players must be registered to a Club for the 2023 season to be eligible.
2. Teams will be allowed a maximum of 3 Loan Players (Players registered to another Provincial Union for the 2022/23 Club Season).
3. Local Players are to register through the club they intend to play 15 aside Rugby for in 2023.
4. Men: Players must be 17 years or older at the date of the tournament, all Under 18-year-olds may play providing they have written parental consent. As per NZRU minimum standards.
5. Women: Players must be 16 years or older at the date of the tournament, all Under 18-
year-olds may play providing they have written parental consent. As per NZRU minimum standards.

1. A maximum of 14 players will be allowed for the duration of the Tournament.
2. The Team Manager must complete the Tournament Squad Sheet listing the full names of each player and make sure they are registered and handed in prior to their first game.
3. In the case of a team losing 4 or more players due to injury during the tournament, prior to consent by Tournament Control, teams will be allowed to draft in replacement players from other teams that have not qualified for playoff games.
The final decision will be that of the Tournament Control.

1. All games will be 7 minutes each way with a 2-minute half time break.

1. Once team entries are confirmed the draw will be finalized and communicated to the key contacts provided in the Entry Form. The draw format will be dependent on numbers.
2. Normal rules apply for Pool Play and all play off matches – 4 points a win.
– 1 bonus point (4 or more tries & losing within 7 points).
– 2 points for a draw (Round Robin only).
– If two teams are even on points, then the winner of their previous game will be declared the winner.
– If the previous game was a draw, then points differential will apply.
– If they are still a tie, the highest ranked team shall be declared by the toss of a coin.

1. In the event of a draw at the end of a play off game, the winner will be determined by: – Golden Point (Team that kicked off in first half to kick off again in Golden Point).
– First team to score regardless of time will be announced the winner.

1. Rolling Substitutions will be permitted.
2. Substitutions must be made through the Match Officials or Assistant Referees and are only permitted during stoppages of play and not during a penalty.
3. Players in the Blood bin have a 5-minute window to re-enter the game.

1. No new players can be brought into a team until the team numbers is below 10 or less. Only then can a team apply for additional player/s to join their team upon consent by Tournament Control.
2. If a replacement player plays in a match without official consent by Tournament Control, then that team will forfeit the match.
3. Injured players who have been replaced may not return to rejoin any team for the duration of the tournament.

1. All games will be officiated by the PBRRA.
2. Each team will provide a Touch Judge for all their pool games.
3. In Play offs and where possible, an In Goal Touch Judge will be used (IGTJ)

1. Teams to play in their respective jerseys, socks and shorts provided and highlighted by the club in their entry form.
2. No appropriate uniform no play – This is final.
3. Team – if entering two teams it is the responsibility of the clubs to organise a playing strip that will not clash with others.

1. All Players, Coaches, Referees, Spectators, Parents and Management are reminded to respect the sidelines and always play fair on and off the field.
2. Anyone who is behaving untoward will be warned and thereafter will be removed from the grounds by Tournament Control who have the sole right to do so.

1. Any issues, disputes and/or disagreements must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Control immediately after the game concerned.
2. The Tournament Control ruling will be final.

1. Players Yellow carded will be 2 mins in the sin bin, their time will start when the player reaches the allocated area on the sideline on the halfway mark.
2. If a player is awarded 2 subsequent Yellow Cards, they will be ruled out of the Tournament and will not be allowed to be replaced.
3. A player Red carded will be suspended from the rest of the Tournament.

Managers are responsible for their team’s safety as part of their management. If an injury occurs, then this is also the responsibility of the team and manager.
If a serious injury occurs call 111.