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Poverty Bay Rugby looking for new CEO

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Poverty Bay Rugby looking for new CEO as Josh Willoughby resigns 

Poverty Bay Rugby is looking for its next CEO after Josh Willoughby resigned from the role he has held for more than four years.

Willoughby said the role has been a great privilege and feels fortunate to share some amazing experiences with a great rugby community.

“When I took over the role, I couldn’t have imagined the challenges we would have had to navigate but our rugby community’s resilience and willingness to adapt has always got us through. Thank you for allowing me to share some amazing experiences with you all.

“I’ve always said the Union needs to be what its members needs it to be, not what it wants but what it needs. You need to understand your community to do this and the most important step is to listen – I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job at that and making decisions based on that understanding.

Willoughby said the timing is right for him to take his next step and allow someone new to bring energy and clarity to the role at such an exciting time for the Union.

“There’s so much great going on at the moment with the grandstand being redeveloped, an injection of capital from the deal with Silverlake, an awesome group of sponsors, a great team, a great community and great initiatives. It feels like the right time for someone new to come in and take the Union through to the next stage of its Strategy.

“Big thanks to the Board for its support over the years as well as our club committee members. Of course, the staff are the ones out there doing it on the ground so a massive mihi for their mahi and support also. We can’t do it all without the amazing support of our sponsors too.

“I’ll still be involved with the grandstand redevelopment committee after I leave, but I’m looking forward to spending more time with my whanau and being a local rugby supporter and volunteer,” said Willoughby.

Poverty Bay Rugby Chairperson Hayden Swann said Willoughby has steered the Union through the most difficult operational space it has faced in its history and the Board and rugby community appreciates him for that.

“We want to thank Josh for his dedication, expertise and commitment, in particular, the past two seasons where the demands of the role have been immense.

“Josh has put the pride and trust back into our organisation and jersey with thoughtful planning, vision and unswerving integrity to make the right choice, which hasn’t always been the easiest choice.

“There has been a culture shift with the way we do business and play the game – we are now innovative and professional, resourceful and tough.

“We also acknowledge the respect he has shown by giving the Union plenty of time for recruitment and transitioning through to the end of October – we wish him, Tineille and the whanau all the very best and look forward to seeing them on our sidelines,” said Swann.