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Ranfurly Shield Challenge #6 – 31st July 1957 – Match Report


Ranfurly Shield Match #233 – 31st July 1957
Wellington 15 – 03 Poverty Bay
Venue: Athletic Park, Wellington Attendance: 9,000
Referee: Mr L. S. Kirk (Canterbury)

Under good conditions, apart from a fresh southerly breeze, 9,000 attended this Wednesday fixture at Athletic Park. Wellington ran up a 15-0 lead whilst having the advantage of the wind, but were generally far from impressive.

The challengers had all the territorial advantage in the second spell, and were in the main far more enterprising than their opponents. Wellington gained only two tries to one by the challenger. Riesterer opened with a penalty goal within a minute of play com­mencing. 3-0.

From a ruck Makeham sent the ball out along the back-line to the young Polish refugee, Pietkiewicz, who scored with Johnstone in support, after fifteen minutes’ play. 6-0. Ten minutes later Johnstone potted a goal and straight away Riesterer kicked his second penalty goal. 12-0.

Makeham again shot the ball out from a ruck to Dougan to Palmer to Fleming, who cut in neatly and scored, halftime following immediately. 15-0.

After 15 minutes’ play on resumption, Cossey seized a wild pass and in a moment was across at the corner. 15-3.

Poverty Bay remained almost continuously on attack, but without result.

Wellington: The same as against Bush. L. Alan Clark replaced Riesterer six minutes before time.

Wellington: J. Johnstone; P. Pietkiewicz, W. S. Fleming, T. J. Ryan; M. J. G. Palmer, J. G. Dougan; A. J. Makeham; D. J. Riesterer, D, N. Mcintosh* (capt.), I. N. McEwan*, I. W. Tarpley, W. H. Clark*, J. B. S. Hutchinson, J. K. Sage, I. M. H. Vodanovich*. (Selectors Messrs C. G. Gibbons, J. M. Taylor and V. A. Paino.)

Poverty Bay: P. A. Cowan; D. B. Green, B. P. A. Johnson, R. R. Cossey; M. M. English, J. W. Stevenson; S. Huru Rutene; J. H. P. Strang, R. H. Jones, A. G. E. Rowlands (capt.), M. W. Wooster, H. K. Lardelli, J. Rangi Kingi, R. P. Henderson, R. A. Bruce. W. C. Ackroyd replaced Cossey just before the finish.

The referee was Mr L. S. Kirk of Canterbury.

Extracted from
“Ranfurly Shield Rugby”
first published 1960
Publishers: A.H.Reed & A.W.Reed
by Arthur H.Carmen