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Turanga mana wahine team to play NPEC

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All the best to our Tūranga Mana Wahine team travelling to Ruatoria tomorrow to play Ngati Porou East Coast at Kahuitara, home of Hikurangi Sports Club.
The team has been training on and off for a number of months with this game in mind, which was originally scheduled for 4th September. The dedication from these wahine and the management team to keep going through lockdown and the past month is to be applauded.
We’re proud of and excited for you all to represent our rohe and your whanau.
  1. Tee Williams

  2. Jordyn Tihore

  3. Moriana West-Grace

  4. Amy Outen

  5. Olivia Jade Scott

  6. Georgia Teneti

  7. Briar McLeely

  8. Reremoana Bartlett-Tamatea

  9. Cheyenne Babbington-Ngerengere

  10. Maia Rickard

  11. Ritihia Kingi

  12. Princess Tomoana

  13. Jade Stacey

  14. Krystal Laulau

  15. Nikita Wharehinga

  16. Hine-Atarea Campbell

  17. Summer Kingi

  18. Aija McIlroy

  19. Taley Jade Kemp

  20. Rose Proffit

  21. Paige Sweeney

  22. Diane Moeke

  23. Hinewaipounamu Rangihuna

  24. Amoe Wharehinga TBC

HEAD COACH: Ron Tamatea